The NAPA award

For those of us familiar with the royal and ancient game of golf you will understand the notion of the NAGA award

In an early training ride we went on Big Shagga’s bike had a seizure and stopped.

Bottom line on that day Big Shagga’s bike was shagged

All was not lost alas as the piston was resurrected and is now enmeshed or mounted on a block of wood. Can’t be sure but it may be walnut

Last night saw the unveiling of the award and the initial custodian fittingly was the Big Shagga who shagged it in the first instance

Tonight Paul Rayner past the piston to Hollafa or you may know him as Doug Marshall dad of David and one of 3 prostate cancer survivors on the ride

The Shagmeister gave serious thought to other contenders in Michelle Obama and Parko for indiscretions throughout the day

Keep watching to see who carries the can tomorrow.

In the meantime we are waiting for dinner to be served at the Margaret River Hotel

We look pretty flash dong you think?



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