About Us

The Male Bag Foundation LTD is a registered, not for profit charity (Registered Charity No. 14089)

We began in July 2011, when a couple of men looking for an adventure decided that it would be a good idea to ride form Perth to Melbourne on motorbikes. This was not a new or novel idea, except neither had a licence or had ever been on a motorbike.

As men do, they told their friends and colleagues. Soon a group began to grow with interested parties expressing their desire to participate and share in this challenging journey. Support and advice was given by a group who had made a similar trip in 2010.

It was decided to use the ride as a catalyst for Men’s health. Having all been touched by prostate cancer in some way, it was agreed that prostate cancer needed exposure, support and research. It was decided that funds raised would be directed to raising community awareness of prostate cancer and associated issues and to provide support for men diagnosed with this male only cancer.

In 2015 The Male Bag Foundation was formed and recognized as a registered charity. Our goals did not change in that we continue to work to raise awareness of prostate cancer, to support men in rural areas and use the funds we raise to help fight prostate cancer. However our product did change as blokes in the bush were either being offered dangerous trans rectal prostate biopsies or sent to capital cities where they could have the safer, more accurate transperineal prostate biopsy. This second option carries with it additional costs and time away from home. We began working directly with rural hospitals to allow men access to the gold standard prostate biopsy at their local hospital.

Our Call to Action

Through iconic postie bike rides and events, to reduce the impact of prostate cancer for men in the bush and the people who love them.

Policy Advocate for Regional Australia

To increase prostate cancer survivorship in the bush, we call on Federal, State and Territory Governments to equip Australia’s large regional public hospitals with transperineal biopsy machines.


  • Scott Chapman (Chairman)
  • David Parkin
  • Robert Glover
  • Julian Dewan
  • Tony Clayton
  • Greg Fordham
  • Doug Marshall
  • Phil Endersbee


  • Cath Martinson
  • John Cooper
  • Scott Chapman