In July 2011, a couple of men looking for an adventure decided that it would be a good idea to ride form Perth to Melbourne on motorbikes. This was not a new or novel idea. Many have travelled this path before and no doubt will again. But this is different and with a purpose for a cause.

Not being motorcyclists it was agreed that it would be a better idea if these men rode “old postie bikes”, using red Honda CT110s which travel at the sedate speed of a maximum of approximately 80kph. The postie bikes allow the rider to cover approx.120 kms on one tank of petrol and would therefore provide an interesting challenge across the Nullabor. Apparently this had been done in 2010 by another group.

As men do, they told their friends and colleagues. Soon this group began to grow with interested parties expressing their desire to participate and share in this challenging journey. So a plan was hatched and formulated by the two leaders of this “pack”.

Men’s health needs exposure, support and research so it was decided that funds raised would be directed to raising community awareness of prostate cancer and associated issues and to provide support for men diagnosed with this disease.

From such humble beginnings we have become The Male Bag Foundation and have successfully partnered with over a dozen regional hospitals in three states to help men in their fight against prostate cancer.