The Countdown has begun

With less than a week to go till the team hits Perth it is full steam ahead, although when we get on a Postie Full Steam will be slower than when Casey Jones was travelling the wild west on a steel horse in 1928.

With D-Day in 7 days (but who is counting) the truck is packed, the boys are pumped and we even have a coffee machine on board.  Who says that when you travel you have to give up on all the things you love.  Sorry partners but we have to leave you behind, but not the java.

This post is being sent at Launch day + 170 hours.

If you don’t believe it is happening check out the photos of the truck being loaded with all the bare essentials of life, Beer, 2 Minute Noodles and Mars bars.  Bring it ON!  Oh and don’t forget the best bottles of red for Frango Frango in Lorne.

And how great does the Budget truck look?

Sponsorship is pouring in and we have topped the $250K number,  still looking for $300K Plus and don’t forget that we will be landing at the “G” on the 13th of April.



A big thanks also to my old school pal Giovanni (used to be Johnny) Tomaselli who is one serious businessman who has donated an Ion Air Pro camera for me to record video (check out the website).  Who would have thought from our days at Springvale North Primary (now houses, thanks Jeff) and Wellington High where he used to wag class to go and develop the then VFL Merchandise into Big W that he would be a big shot in the corporate world and even got to speak at Harvard.  Thanks very much Giovanni.  Great work.


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