Sleep Patterns – Not always easy to get right

As the first morning on tour comes to fruition, tales of sleep difficulties are emerging.  And we haven’t even left the comfort of Perth and the gorgeous Cottesloe Beach.

The Snorers are being identified and may well find themselves ex communicated if they are not lucky.

Can’t wait for the nights when blokes are in tents or swags.  Some of the swags will be inhaled by large gaping mouths or extra large nostrils as their inhabitants gasp for air.

Here is evidence of what a room mates snoring will do to some people.  It is just lucky that it was a warmish night and just as the Rain Never Falls in Southern California, Perth remained kind to this colleague.

Just in case you thought the man sleeping outside was the perpetrator, he was only one major casualty as even the other bloke behind a door with earplugs in was kept awake.

And just in case you didn’t think we were here check out the sunset over the Indian Ocean.


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