Riding for a Cause: Ingilby Dickson and The Male Bag Foundation’s Fight Against Prostate Cancer 

Ingilby Dickson, a retired supply chain logistics executive, has channelled his personal journey with prostate cancer into a passionate commitment to The Male Bag Foundation. After a career spanning Australia, Europe and Asia, Ingilby retired in 2015 and began serving on various boards. However, his life took an unexpected turn in 2014 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 57. 

“I had quite a high rate of cancer cells, so I didn’t have many choices but to undergo surgery,” Ingilby recalls. Despite the initial treatment, he has since faced further battles with the disease, requiring additional treatments including radiotherapy and hormone therapy. Despite these challenges, Ingilby’s resilience and determination to live a fulfilling life have remained unshaken. “It’s a journey with ups and downs, but I’m grateful for the advancements in medical science that have kept things manageable.” 

Ingilby’s involvement with The Male Bag Foundation began through a serendipitous encounter. He met James, a member of the foundation, in Anglesea, where Ingilby taught surf lifesaving to 13 and 14 year olds every summer, including James’ children. “James knew I rode scooters and had prostate cancer, so he invited me to join the Male Bag scooter rides,” Ingilby explains. Since then, he has participated in two significant rides, including a journey through Northern Victoria and another near the snowfields in country Victoria. 

Ingibly has raised substantial funds for the foundation, leveraging his network of business colleagues and friends. On his first ride in 2021 he raised $23,000 and in 2023 he managed to raise a further $15,000 on his second ride with the foundation. His efforts have even inspired others to donate including a $50,000 contribution from a friend’s family trust. 

The Male Bag Foundation, through events like these rides, raises funds to equip regional hospitals with state-of-the-art transperineal biopsy machines. These machines are crucial for accurate prostate cancer diagnoses, sparing men in rural areas the ordeal of traveling long distances to metropolitan hospitals and medical centres. “The difference these machines make is profound,” Ingilby says. During a stop in Shepparton, Ingilby and other riders met with a local prostate cancer nurse who shared stories of how the new equipment had transformed patient care and outcomes.  

For Ingilby, the rides are not just about raising money but also about camaraderie and community engagement. “Riding through the countryside, facing the elements, and meeting the people we aim to help is incredibly fulfilling,” he shares. Despite the physical demands of the rides, including navigating pothole-ridden roads, avoiding road trains and enduring long distances, Ingilby finds the experience rewarding. 

Every donation helps equip more regional hospitals with the necessary tools to fight prostate cancer, ensuring men can receive care close to home. 

Through his dedication and fundraising efforts, Ingilby Dickson exemplifies the spirit of The Male Bag Foundation. His journey from a cancer patient to a passionate advocate highlights the power of community and the difference one person can make. Together, we can continue to support initiatives that bring hope and healing to men battling prostate cancer across Australia.