Port Augusta is home for the night

After nearly 9 hours and 466ks we have reached the big4 at port Augusta

This blogger’s only memories of being here 35 years ago was the floods that stopped the family from getting to the wilpena pound (they wouldn’t divert there today the fiends) and Darrel Venables slipping on the water pipeline and needing stitches but I digress

The flinders ranges, iron knob, the big gala and pretty cool weather to kick the morning off. The red ute told us it was 14 degrees on the bike and a balmy 21 inside the ute. Gee thanks guys. Gerry and mike at the front and Peter and Ross at the back are doing really well at keeping us safe and those frighteningly large loud and drafty road trains at bay

Got some amazing footage from in front of the pack using the ion air pro. ( thanks Giovanni Tomaselli). You’ll have to wait for that footage though.

With no official team dinner tonight there may be some big nights tonight and only 300 k tomorrow maybe Barack and Michelle might let us start a bit later tomorrow

Keep watching and keep sharing the blog

As of last night more than 5000 page views and $350k plus raised







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