Mercure Adelaide preparing for the Male Baggers

The Mercure Grosvenor Adelaide is getting ready for the onslaught as it is going to be descended upon by 33 Male Baggers and their 140 guests tonight at The Treasury Wines sponsored gala dinner.

This will the the biggest thing in Adelaide all year, as any good Victorian would know, the City of Churches is not exactly the life of Australia unless of course you have time to stop at the General Havelock for a blew the night of the Showdown, where Adelaide’s Collingwood equivalent, Port Adelaide, only dare to venture twice a year.

Thanks to Geoff Simmons (Simmo) and Ben “the General” Patten who will be looking after the riders, the crew and the trusty steeds that we will be riding into Adelaide under the same strict security controls that the real Barack and Michelle Obama would need.  (Maybe someone should let officer Dibble know that the real president won’t be wasting his time in the fair city of Adelaide).

Stay Posted

PS will somebody ring the power company and let them know we need the lights on after 7.30pm tonight?

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