Day 5 iSelect 2015 Victorian Male Bag Ride

Soaks Day

After a busy night at the Border Inn, it is pretty safe to say that if you want to get very, very fresh meat in Moama, go to the butchers next to the Border Inn. Their delivery was made at 3.40 am. Thanks to the driver for using his pneumatic brakes with the shhhhhhissshhhh sound. We were woken by pounding of rain on the roof. Yuck. Then of course there was that Steve Jacobs weather dude on the Today Show, letting us know just how much rain was coming. Good on you Stevie.

Service checks performed in the drizzle, we trundled across the Murray back into Victoria (thank goodness) headed toward the American Hotel before a late, but as fate would have it, excellent decision was made to get fuel NOW… Splash and Dash are certainly not in the vocabulary of the Male Bag Ride. As Slowlane paid and clearly tried hard to get cash donated, we sat astride our trusty steeds waiting and watching rain coming… No agitation brewing… MUCH.

Finally hit the American Hotel, which is unbelievable as a rejuvenation of one of Echuca’s oldest pubs. We had what was quite simply the best breakfast of the ride. You really must go to Echuca, check out the Murray Meander, The Moama Bowls Club, the American Hotel as items of serious note. The hospitality of the Border Inn was amazing. I don’t want to raise expectations so let’s just say that the accommodation we stayed in (the original part) is ready for a renovation. I believe that they have very good accommodation across the way that is part of the property.

We set sail for Yarrawonga (literally) among a 30 knot wind and 40 mm of rain. It was wet and warm (less than ideal) and on the Murray Valley Highway. At our speed in that rain, not great conditions so safety officer Mark Harris and Ute 2 Jockey Mike George made an executive decision to get off the MV Highway and head through Numurkah, where we would top up and have a choccy and award the NAPA. Word from home is that NAPA needs to be explained, I dare say Golfers have worked it out as that is normally the award awarded to the last place getter in a golf day and stands for Not A Golfers A… You get the picture.
Replace Golfer with Postie and you have a NAPAssistant (I know what you were thinking). Unjustly and under serious protest, your scribe received a 4th NAPA in 3 events to clearly be elevated to Hall Of Shame status.

Dare I say it that very few of the Baggers have ever experienced riding in such heavy rain. So a big well done to all for making it safely and largely dry under Stubbsy arranged rainwear.
Lunch was hosted at the Central City Motor Inn (by Trevor and Anne) who put on a ripper lunch, which was not a barbeque… Thanks guys and good luck in your new venture, the Shearing Shed Motor Inn in Dubbo. The Baggers look forward to getting your part of the world some time, maybe with a lap or two of Bathurst thrown in for good measure.

Next stop a photo opportunity (could be the start of a song) Wangaratta Nissan where the rain stopped while we were getting the photo and fuel. The final run into our evening pit stop was a ripper, albeit very wet and cooling by the minute.

Beechworth is a beautiful spot and the Armour Motor Inn is a regular host to motorcyclists. We arrived to see 6 Harleys in the driveway (400 horsepower), a couple of them looking more comfortable than a Chesterfield sofa. We had 14 posties (108 horsepower) and as comfortable as (hmmm let me think for a minute…) times up, nothing.

George Browne a local celebrity had worked hard to get a community health information night at which they would get to hear Parko speak about men’s health and just maybe a little sport. Parko was his usual best and spoke to about 50 people about what they could do to help themselves and the men in their lives
Thanks to George for your commitment to your community and making a really good night happen. Thanks also to the Golfers for their $5 BBQ dinner. Just what the doctor ordered, a smaller meal than we have been getting. It has never been so thankfully had.

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