Day 4 on the road is complete, dinner and swagging to go

After a great day out on the road the guys are relaxing in their rooms (the soft ones or is it the smart ones) are watching tv in the rooms at the Balladonia RoadHouse before going onto dinner.

We left Esperance Early (no police escort this morning) rode to Salmon Tree something about an hour north of Esperance on our way to the Nullabor.

Breakky, a quick team photo and then back on the road again (sounds like a willy nelson song) then into Norseman, our entry point to the Nullabor, fuel and then back into it, for the first time really experiencing the horror of real road trains.

The boys have got it pretty well worked out now thanks to the tutelage of Mark (Dirty) Harris and supported by the orange coats in Matt Stubbs, Frank Kruize and Andrew Powis.

Our radio dudes in the Little Red Ute and Little White Ute are now communicating with the drivers of those big rigs to keep them informed about these 26 desperadoes (wanna be Bikers) and helping them get through safely without getting us killed.  Thanks guys.

Then lunch at Fraser Station, awesome Bacon and Egg Rolls prepared by Chef Wally and team.

An hour later we were on our way, although a few of the golf nuts wanted to check out one of the holes on the Worlds Longest Golf Course.  I note that a few of them played oner hole here at Balladonia this evening.

Another hour on and we entered the metroplois of Balladonia.  A road house, a Motel,  a Pub, a Backpackers (made from a shipping box) and a campground.  Glad that Parko had a spare bed in his room for this scribe to use.

More info and photos to come but saw one of the biggest vehicles I have ever set eyes on and we had to pull of the road to let it pass.



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