Day 2 NAPA

Doug Marshall the current holder of the award after being anointed last night as the worthy recipient

Doug is no longer the holder stating the long tradition of the award is that the previous holder must be acknowledged the law of retrospectivity shall apply and can be rewarded to a previous holder

Acknowledged the blogger for the call to wus out

Parko is not immune for yesterday and his his indiscretions of using the wrong lane

Dirty Harris has got two strikes breakdown plus running out of gas

Mark Jenkins for holding the crew up and then taking us on a wild tree chase. The road was there 10 years ago. Awarded in absentia



One thought on “Day 2 NAPA

  1. Lack of sleep. Snorers. Shagging.Indescretitions. Gas shortages. Reserection Icecream.Wild tree chases. Absentia… Sure sounds like you are having a rough time. Bet you haven't stopped giggling! Good onya! Keep those hamstrings stretched so your backs as well as bums don't get too sore!

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