Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Breakfast at Albany Post

Thanks to Charles Moon from Australia Post the team are having breakfast at Australia Post at Albany

The team were up bright and early with instructions that bags had to be in the truck by 6

A bit like hearding cats with a dangerously high number of alpha males in the one place all wanting to have the last word but today we accomplished our first mission. Arrival at the right time

We are meeting real posited this morning

A photo of the us and thems the parcel contractors Kim and Eric surrounding the Aussie post mailman the former uk postman Steve who now calls Australia home

Welcomed to the centre by Jason the centre who did not that 3300 men lost their lives to prostate cancer each year. Encouraged the posited to access the health line. 42000 employees and safety And men’s health

Raising awareness of postie safety to the general public













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  1. Hi Ross, What you need is a whip & a chair to get those alphas in line. Looks like everything is going according to plan. I think this ride is amazing. Good riding guys & keep the blog going. Cheers, Bev Scott. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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