Apologies for the lag in information

As you are all aware we have been crossing the Nullabor for the past 3 days and to say that phone coverage is awful is an understatement.

Vodaphone has not worked since a little after leaving Esperance on Saturday Morning so if you have not heard from your man, that goes part of the way to explaining it.  The other part is that we are all throughly exhausted or to use one of the best sayings knackered.

We have seen some pretty cool things in the meantime, including a personal highlight, the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight.

Will be uploading photos and video tomorrow when I have decent reception.  Hopefully.

We will be at Port Augusta tomorrow night.

Love to all family and friends of all Male Baggers.

BTW more than 5000 page views of the blog is pretty cool.  keep them watching and share the word.  We have raised in excess of $350K and really want to hit $500K




One thought on “Apologies for the lag in information

  1. Glad your back, missed the updates.great photos.$350k how brilliant is that. We all watched the project last night thinking you would be on but no coverage,hopefully tonight. Keep enjoying this wonderful experience. Mrs mostacio

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