A great long day comes to an end

What a great day we have had today.

Started with having to have the trucks loaded, be on the bikes and at the Albany Mail Centre by 6.45 am and if you have read the earlier blog today (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) you would have seen that it is like herding cats.

Then we finally got on the road (the term hit the road is banned) and headed out of town for Esperance.  Got a lazy 120 ks down the road to Boxwood Hill Roadhouse where the boys had fuel and fill and the lovely owners Jill and Frank Collier very kindly donated the fuel bill to the ride (about $180.00) as their contribution to the cause.  Thanks very much Jill and Frank…I have it on good authority that they make the best coffee this side of Albany.  Not sure how far that extends but sounds convincing.

Anyway if you happen to be out for a lazy Sunday arvo drive (about 6 hours from Perth) and you feel like a coffee and need fuel (suggest that you get it even if you don’t think you need it) stop in at 4 Grevillea Drive Boxwood Hill.

Then on to Ravensthorpe (a little place about half way between Albany and Esperance)  not much there but Chef Wally and the team made us some ripping hamburgers (meat supplied by Simplot www.simplot.com.au thanks very much and Bertocchi for the bacon).  Could have had a couple more.

Filled up for juice at the BP servo and the owners there very kindly donated the fuel.  Thanks very much.  Sorry for the lack of photo but donation was made as an after thought and this blogger was already mounted in anticipation of the Police Escort that we were about to get down the main drag (really the only drag)

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