11 days ahead of the real last post this is likely to be our last post

The male bag ride is almost over and if you don’t believe it just look at the photos

The boys have swarmed the trucks in order to Denude them of all branding. Unpacked the truck and remaining supplies. Unbelievably there are still 6 cartons of beers a stack of mars snickers jelly beans and other stuff. But what happened to the noodles. They all made it home complements of the glorious weather we were blessed with for the 4631 Ks of the trip

The lap of the ‘g’ was outstanding and finished the trip beautifully for all and we got the chance to collect a couple of hundred more dollars to add to the more than $402k presented yesterday.

Of course if anyone still wants to donate you are more than welcome as the everyday heros site stays live for a little while longer

One final sponsors thanks to a1 windscreens in Hallam who will be doing a facelift to the big truck which is required complements of one of the more than 600 road trains that passed the other way on the nullabor

To everyone who has followed the ride via this blog thanks very much for your comments and support

I hope it has been fun and not too dull and boring

Have fun stay safe and most importantly GET YOUR PROSTATE checked











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