Looking to 2021 and beyond

COVID-19 restrictions prevented the Melbourne-based Foundation from operating ‘business as normal’. Its annual Big Postie Bike Ride and other fund-raising events were sidelined in favour of better web-based communications with sponsors and rider network. Tax-deductible donations to our mission in South Australia can be made via the MBF’s website.

Robert Glover, Foundation CEO said:
“I’d like to acknowledge the great work of Julian Dewan and Jason Hulme (BSO Digital) for updating our website. It’s more relevant to the way we need to develop our communications, membership base and tax-deductible donations – vital elements of our updated business model. I encourage people to visit our website and register with us”.

The Foundation’s continued success has led to it becoming the largest facilitator of TBMs in regional Australia, including providing TBMs to regional communities serviced by Dubbo, Wagga, Griffith, Ballarat, Bairnsdale, Warrnambool, Mt. Gambier and Berri.

Robert Glover went on to say
“In the absence of Federal and State Governments funding for TBMs at major regional public hospitals, our mission hinges on attracting a major brand sponsor, especially now with an updated website that can showcase a masthead sponsor. We have a proven record and provide unique support for men in the bush, attributes and a mission that put us in good stead to welcome a major sponsor into our team”.

“As much as coronavirus has challenged our volunteer run charity, I am so proud we continue to make a difference in providing much needed support to regional communities. On behalf of the Foundation, we wish good health, a COVID-19 vaccine and happy Postie Bike Rides in 2021”.